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All This and a Bag of Chips – Fueling up for Football Season

Posted 9/22/2017

If only picking your favorite football party snack was as easy as staying loyal to your favorite team. We already know the only thing better than watching football with a bunch of your closest friends is eating delicious calorie packed foods to tackle your hunger. With

Paddles Well With Others

Posted 9/6/2017

Pickleball is a racquet sport that combines elements of badminton, tennis, and table tennis. Two, three, or four players use solid paddles made of wood or composite materials to hit a perforated polymer ball, similar to a whiffle ball, over a net.

Going the Distance

Posted 8/30/2017

Most golfers struggle with distance control on the putting green because their stroke tempo is inconsistent. The back swing and forward swing usually do not match up. The next time you are on the practice green try these series of exercises to help eliminate those three putts.

You Are What You Eat

Posted 8/23/2017

Celebrate the joy of getting healthier; living longer and sustaining a quality life. Enjoy the sweetest weather of the year and keep moving. Hit the gym, pool, or just start walking. Start with something you like to do and then try new classes, open new doors, and be creative in your daily active life.

Heart to Heart

Posted 8/16/2017

Keep your heart muscles strong and healthy all year long with exercise and proper nutrition. Research shows that even a little exercise will strengthen the heart and make you feel better.

Petal Pushers! Big, Bloom Theory

Posted 8/9/2017

Medical practitioners have touted the therapeutic and wellness benefits of certain flowers for several centuries and this knowledge also spans many cultures around the world. Many of these pretty posies are found in our Wycliffe gardens and neighborhoods.

The Need for Speed

Posted 8/2/2017

All things being equal in a golf swing, distance comes from speed; the faster the club moves, the farther the ball goes. A great way that every player can increase his or her swing-speed is by employing lighter grip pressure.

Down the Middle Solves the Riddle

Posted 7/26/2017

A strategy that is very effective, but surprisingly not often utilized by players, is hitting straight down the middle of the court. This often causes doubt among opponents as to whom should take the shot.

In Brunch we Trust

Posted 7/19/2017

Brunch is the new happy hour! Gathering, sipping, noshing and mingling! Members and their guests can dig into the Wycliffe Brunch on Sundays.

Live Life to the Core

Posted 7/12/2017

Pilates is a gentle, full body workout that has become increasingly popular in fitness studios across America. It lengthens and stretches every muscle in the body at once without stressing the joints or the heart. Pilates helps to improve range of motion, as well as decrease back, neck and joint pain.

If the Shoe Fits

Posted 7/6/2017

The foundation is the most important part of development when building a new structure. The same could be said of the body with the feet acting as the foundation to assist the body in functioning properly.

You build it, they will come

Posted 6/28/2017

This July will be the first anniversary since the Bocce courts were built and our members and guests love it! An ancient sport that was once little known in the United States, the game has taken root in the American sports culture--more specifically, here at Wycliffe Golf & Country Club.

Don’t Wait, Hydrate

Posted 6/21/2017

Competitive tennis is in full swing during the hot summer months. All tennis players should be aware that the intense rays and high heat indexes work negatively against your body’s performance both on and off the court. Staying hydrated should be a top priority before hitting the courts, especially during South Florida’s summer season.

Splendor in the Grass

Posted 6/14/2017

As Wycliffe comes to a close on another successful golf season, the Golf Course Maintenance team is preparing for the most important time of the year, aerification season.

SPF 50 Is the Golf Handicap This Summer

Posted 6/7/2017

Playing golf is everything to some of us. It's a game of skill and patience, but the one game you don't want to play is one with the sun. Now that spring is here and summer is around the corner golfers have to take extra precautions.

Backyard Bounty: Get Fresh with Our Fragrant Herbs & Aromatics

Posted 5/24/2017

Embracing the winsome and lyrical ingredients, Wycliffe Golf & Country Club sprouted a green thumb and is growing fresh herbs and aromatics on property.

Pedal Pushers

Posted 5/11/2017

No matter your fitness level or age, you can enjoy the fun, adventure, and health benefits that two wheels can bring. May is considered National Bike Month and cyclists from around the country are taking the time to learn and enjoy the benefits of biking!

The Wycliffe Stiffs Make their Big-Screen Debut at the Palm Beach International Film Festival

Posted 3/29/2016

The Wycliffe Stiffs are possibly the funniest group of athletes in South Florida. They are re-creating a special time from their past in Brooklyn, N.Y. by playing Stickball - competitively. They have something very special that others don't have. It's called the magic formula for staying young - laughing everyday and staying active!

BoardRoom magazine Nominates Wycliffe Golf & Country Club as a Distinguished Club for 2016

Posted 2/26/2016

Providing a member experience that is memorable, unique and having the willingness to constantly improve is what this award is all about. This is something that Wycliffe embraces.

Wycliffe Golf & Country Club Providing a Touch of Elegance to Your Wedding or Special Event

Posted 2/12/2016

Wycliffe Golf & Country Club has always prided itself with its first-rate dining experience for members and we are proud to share the talents of our inspired culinary team with the community. Our Certified German Master Executive Chef, Michael J. Schenk and his culinarians create a custom wedding menus for you and your guests for a personal, and very special event.

Wycliffe’s Own Irwin Tepper Named One of BoardRoom magazine’s Top Private Club Presidents for 2015

Posted 2/5/2016

BoardRoom magazine annually recognizes the world’s top Private Club Presidents for their outstanding work, their understanding of the industry, and their role and responsibilities of the club’s board of directors.

Wycliffe Welcomes LPGA Member & Teaching Professional Christi Dorece

Posted 12/31/2015

When it comes to expert golf instruction at private golf and country clubs, Wycliffe Golf & Country Club in Wellington, Florida is at always at the top of the list.

Wycliffe Charities Foundation, Inc. Hosts Tour de Wycliffe and Raises Funds for Palm Beach County Ch

Posted 12/18/2015

“Wycliffe Charities Foundation has been giving back to the community of Palm Beach County for a number of years. The Tour de Wycliffe is a very important event for us so we can do our part in promoting these wonderful charitable organizations. We are so thankful to those who donated their time to participate.”

American Wildlife Expert and Photographer Ron Magill Visits Wycliffe Golf & Country Club

Posted 12/4/2015

Ron Magill is an American wildlife expert and photographer; he is the communications director of the Miami-Dade Zoological Park and Gardens, and makes regular television appearances across local South Florida networks.

Be More of an Effective Golfer with the Coaches Corner Series

Posted 10/23/2015

The old saying, “Practice Makes Perfect” can relate to just about anything, but when it comes to perfecting your golf game, practicing isn’t always enough, and sometimes you need a little more reinforcement.

Wycliffe is Proud to Host Columbus Day Tennis Open

Posted 10/9/2015

“Wycliffe is very proud to be hosting The Columbus Day Open for the second time. It’s wonderful to see so many incredible players showing their competitive spirit for the game.”

Wycliffe Receives Certification in Environmental Planning from Audubon International

Posted 9/30/2015

“The wildlife at our club is one of our treasures. We are surrounded by some of the most beautiful and exotic birds and wildlife found in South Florida.

Wycliffe Spotlight: PGA Pro Darryl Jack Named Golf Director at Wycliffe Golf & Country Club

Posted 9/25/2015

PGA Professional Darryl Jack, is an accomplished golfer who brings a lifetime of experience and passion to the game of golf. Wycliffe Golf & Country Club is proud to welcome Darryl as the new Director of Golf.

Wycliffe’s Pursuit of Wellness Begins with Its Employees

Posted 9/18/2015

On Tuesday, September 15, 2015, Wycliffe Golf & Country Club held its Annual “Wycliffe Wellness Extravaganza” to educate our employees on the benefits of healthy habits.

Wycliffe Spotlight: Let’s Welcome Craig Wesolowski PGA Teaching Pro

Posted 9/14/2015

For the past 15 years, Craig Wesolowski has developed into one of the most respected golf instructors in North Carolina, California and the Greater New York/New Jersey Tri-State area.

Wycliffe Spotlight: Let’s Welcome Certified Executive Chef Michael J. Schenk

Posted 9/4/2015

Wycliffe Golf & Country is proud to announce Michael J. Schenk, CEC, as our new Certified Executive Chef. The role of the Executive Chef is to oversee the daily culinary, budgeting and business operations of the Club.

Wycliffe Spotlight: Rob Martin Selected as New Clubhouse Manager

Posted 8/26/2015

Wycliffe Golf & Country Club is very pleased to announce Rob Martin as our new Clubhouse Manager. Being a Clubhouse Manager holds a great responsibility for the Club, Staff and Members.

Wycliffe Golf & Country Club Named One of America’s Healthiest Club’s

Posted 8/11/2015

On August 5, 2015, Wycliffe Golf & Country Club had the distinct honor of being named one of America’s Healthiest Club’s. This honor is only given to only a small percentage of private country clubs.

Wycliffe Teams Up with USTA Florida on Developing Masters Tennis Program

Posted 8/5/2015

For the past 65 years, the United States Tennis Association (USTA) has been promoting and developing tennis for all to enjoy. As a not-for-profit, volunteer-led organization, the USTA works with more than 40,000 individuals and nearly 1,000 organization members.

Improve Your Tennis Performance with Pilates

Posted 8/1/2015

Have you ever watched a sporting event wondering how that athlete performs the way they do? Whether it’s hitting a home-run, swinging a golf club or tennis racquet, each athlete works hard at conditioning their body to be at its peak performance at all times.

Wycliffe Spa Offers Members Intraceutical Rejuvenate Treatment

Posted 7/28/2015

The most common misconception about oxygen is that it can penetrate intact skin. Oxygen is a gas and cannot penetrate the human body from the atmosphere, even when sprayed directly on the skin.

Tennis Racquet Technology Has Come a Long Way

Posted 7/27/2015

There are a lot of contributing to whether you hit the ball like Roger Federer or Serena Williams—or whether you can hit the ball at all for that matter.

Develop Your Personal Par and Improve Your Course Management

Posted 7/17/2015

It’s true, a player must have a basic swinging motion and be able to make some level of consistent contact with the ball to play golf, but ultimately, scoring and playing golf is based on planning and course management.

Wycliffe Expands its Fitness Program with TRX Training

Posted 7/16/2015

Wycliffe first used TRX in May 2011 and almost immediately, Members embraced it and found it challenging. It really is one of the best forms of exercises to do if done properly, not only for the workout your body is getting, but the long-term benefits that go along with it.

Wycliffe Makes Positive Impact at Seminole Region Marathon Golf Breakfast

Posted 7/9/2015

Back in May of 2015, Wycliffe Golf & Country Club, along with other country clubs in the South Florida area such as: Addison Reserve, Boca West and the Jupiter Country Club, came together for a week of Marathon Golf. If you’re not familiar with what Marathon Golf is, it’s when you play as many holes as possible from sun-up to sun-down.

Wycliffe Members Come Together to Celebrate July 4th

Posted 7/3/2015

From 1776 until the present day, July 4th has been celebrated as the birth of American independence with typical festivities ranging from fireworks, parades and concerts to more casual family gatherings and barbecues.

Are You Playing the Correct Tee?

Posted 6/25/2015

Did you know that Wycliffe Golf & Country Club was one of the first clubs in the area to adopt the “Tee It Forward” program, since its creation by the PGA of America in 2011? Since then, over 60% of all golfers at Wycliffe are playing a set of tees that is forward of what have been typical.

Wycliffe Announces Entertainment Showcase Series 2016

Posted 6/25/2015

If you were to survey Wycliffe Golf & Country Club members about the entertainment offered, about 95% would say they absolutely love it! We always go above and beyond for our membership, and part of that is having only the best entertainment.

What Does Having Har-Tru Tennis Courts Really Mean?

Posted 6/24/2015

Har-Tru Green Clay, is the world’s leading clay court surface. Although it’s referred to as “clay”, Har-Tru is actually composed of crushed stone, which makes the surface much more durable and more consistent than its European clay counterparts.

Wycliffe Members Exercise, Bootcamp Style

Posted 6/23/2015

What is a Wycliffe Fitness Bootcamp or Circuit Training you ask? It’s a combination of aerobic and strength training. What that means, is that we have exercise stations, each one is designed to work on certain parts of your body, such as: TRX Squats, Balance, Bicep Curls or even just running in place.

Strengthen Your Core and Drive Your Ball Farther with Pilates

Posted 6/19/2015

Many golfers from “Wycliffe Weekend Warriors” to the elite like Tiger Woods and Jordan Spieth are now turning to Pilates as an essential training tool that keeps the body in balance and actually improves performance.

Wycliffe Spotlight: Paul Rifenberg, Assistant Golf Professional

Posted 6/18/2015

Wycliffe Golf & Country Club is known for its wonderful amenities, two beautifully manicured Championship Golf Courses, and also the incredible golf professionals that we have on staff.

Wycliffe Conditions Golfers with TPI Training Event

Posted 6/17/2015

TPI (Titleist Performance Institute) is the world’s leading educational organization dedicated to the study of how the human body functions in relation to the golf swing. Since its inception in 2003, TPI has studied thousands of golfers ranging from the top professional tour players to weekend enthusiasts.

Keep Your Body Conditioned with Snorkeling

Posted 6/15/2015

An inexpensive snorkel, mask and a pair of flippers are all the gear you need for an aerobic swim workout at Wycliffe Golf and Country Club. Wycliffe is now offering snorkeling classes taught by Director of Fitness, Lynn Mandigo. The classes will take place on July 23 and August 27, at 3:30p.m.

Enjoy the Savory Taste of Chipotle Crusted Pork Tenderloin

Posted 6/14/2015

The Fourth of July and Labor Day are just around the corner, and that means it’s time to enjoy all that comes with it–friends, family and grilling season! We all have our ideas of what’s best to bar-b-q.

“Just for Him” Spa Week at Wycliffe Golf & Country Club

Posted 6/12/2015

Wycliffe Spa is known for two things; its incredible staff and array of services for women, including specialty manicures and massages. For Father’s Day week, it’s all about the men! From Tuesday, June 16 to Saturday, June 20, we’re offering a different mens’ service each day.

What’s With All The Racquet? Could Be Time to Re-string!

Posted 6/11/2015

Why should you restring your racquet? Since the invention of the tennis racquet, players have been asking “how often should I re-string my racquet?” The importance of this question cannot be overstated.

Change Your Grips. Change Your Shot.

Posted 6/9/2015

You have to remember, the grip allows you to maintain control of the club. The hands should not slip down the grip during the course of the swing and you should not let go of the club with either hand.

“Say Yes” and Support Global Wellness Day on June 13

Posted 6/8/2015

It’s an entirely not-for-profit day social platform created by volunteers dedicated to promoting a healthy and active lifestyle. This includes healthy eating and spiritual teachings.

Are You Practicing Safe Sun?

Posted 6/2/2015

The Environmental Workers Group (EWG), is the foremost authority on sun safety, as well as which sunscreens to use and not use, and the proper amount to put on.

Wycliffe Fitness Professional Going for Level 3 TPI Certification

Posted 5/29/2015

TPI focuses on the “Body/Swing Connection”. Basically, it finds what your swing faults are and creates a plan of various corrective exercises to get your body in shape when you’re on the golf course.

Wycliffe Raises Money for Local Charities with Marathon Golf Event

Posted 5/22/2015

When was the last time you donated your time to a cause that truly meant something to you? Maybe you took the time to work with homeless veterans or perhaps help give out meals to needy children.

Wycliffe Featured on Fox Sun Sports with Golf America

Posted 5/4/2015

Wycliffe Golf & Country Club always enjoys promoting its luxurious resort-style living coupled with fantastic amenities and incredible members. We have a wide variety to offer our current members and prospective ones, which include our beautifully manicured two 18-Hole Championship Golf Courses, Fitness and Spa and so much more.

Turn Your Special Moments into Memories at Wycliffe Golf & Country Club

Posted 4/28/2015

Our commitment to superior service and quality ensures that your reception will surpass your greatest expectations. Our Grande Dining Room, which can accommodate up to approximately 350 guests is complimented by a gorgeous patio area for an indoor and outdoor cocktail reception area.

It’s Spring Cleaning Time with Wycliffe Charities Foundation

Posted 4/23/2015

Spring has sprung, flowers are blooming people picnic-ing outside and of course shredding your old papers! On Saturday, May 2 from 9 a.m. to 12noon, Wycliffe Charities Foundation is holding it’s “Shredding Event” out in the Clubhouse West Parking Lot.

Play the Game You Love Safely

Posted 4/23/2015

Playing golf is everything to some of us. It’s a game of skill and patience, but the one game you don’t want to play is one with the sun. Now that spring is here and summer is around the corner golfers have to take extra precautions.

Earth Day. Everyday at Wycliffe

Posted 4/22/2015

Every year on April 22 millions of people try to save Mother Earth in their own way. We recycle more, save water and energy! Originally proposed by Peach Activist, Mr. John McConnell to honor the Earth, the first official Earth Day Celebration was created on March 21, 1970.

Wycliffe Spa Helps Keep Member’s Healthy

Posted 4/20/2015

Massage therapy is more than relaxing “me-time.” Studies continue to prove the physical and emotional benefits of even a single massage therapy session. As the number of proven health benefits grows, so do the number of Americans who turn to massage therapy for a more balanced and active lifestyle.

Wycliffe Gives Back with Employee Appreciation Day

Posted 4/17/2015

Wycliffe Golf & Country Club has always been a place where not just the members are appreciated and celebrated, but the staff as well. On April 16, 2015, Wycliffe celebrated the team with a food truck frenzy! Recognition programs at Wycliffe play a critical role in drawing attention to organizational values and fostering loyalty and commitment.

Pilates and Golf: A Perfect Match

Posted 4/15/2015

ere you aware that nearly 60 percent of both recreational and pro golfers suffer from golf-related injuries at some point in their lives? It’s true! These injuries often relate to lack of conditioning, improper stroke techniques and lack of flexibility.

Wycliffe Spa Offers Members a Chance To Feel Reinvigorated

Posted 4/13/2015

European philosophy first originated for spa treatments with the idea of preserving health and instilling a sense of well-being in a person. Over the last number of years Spa has evolved to include the indulgence of pampering the body and delighting the senses.

Junior Golf Champion Takes On Wycliffe Pros in Exhibition

Posted 4/10/2015

When you think of a Golf Champion what names come to mind? Maybe Bubba Watson or Tiger Woods? Introducing Nicklas Staub, an 11-year old sweeping the golf course with his tremendous skill, talent and natural ability to play the game.

Who’s Taking Home The Green Jacket This Year?

Posted 4/9/2015

The Masters Tournament is back starting on April 9-12 at the Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta, GA. So who will get to wear the ultimate symbol in golf greatness? Tell us your predictions!

Are You Choosing The Right Driver?

Posted 4/8/2015

The goal when choosing a new driver is to hit longer and straighter golf shots. The driver is the biggest, longest, and probably the most expensive club in a player’s bag.

Wycliffe Makes Room for Fun with Kid’s Week

Posted 4/3/2015

For more than a decade Wycliffe Golf & Country Club celebrates with the kids of Wycliffe Members. It started years ago when our members would bring in their grand children to play then ask us can they do anything else with them such as a game room.

Wycliffe Hosts Champagne Toast for Men’s and Women’s Club Golf Championship

Posted 4/1/2015

On March 31, 2015 Wycliffe Golf & Country Club hosted a Champagne Toast for the winners of the Men’s and Women’s Club Golf Championship. The event was complimentary for all Wycliffe members to attend and included a glass of champagne to toast to along with hors d’oeuvre.

Bravo Amici Performs to a Sold Out Crowd at Wycliffe Golf & Country Club

Posted 3/31/2015

Bravo Amici is one of the worlds finest groups within the Opera arena. They have a mix of men tenors as well as stunning divas that perform very uplifting and motivating classical and contemporary arias.

Wycliffe’s Director of Tennis Represents USA

Posted 3/26/2015

Kam Kuchta, Wycliffe Golf & Country Club’s Tennis Director, just returned from representing the USA at the 2015 ITF Young Seniors World Team Championships in Antalya, Turkey.

Wycliffe Spa Invites You To “Love Your Skin From Within”

Posted 3/24/2015

It’s nothing new that Wycliffe Golf & Country Club loves to treat its members like royalty. Our events are centered around members because we enjoy seeing them happy, healthy and enjoying the full Wycliffe experience.

Wycliffe Charities Foundation Brings Neighborhood Support To Palm Beach County

Posted 3/20/2015

Wycliffe Golf & Country Club knows the true meaning behind the word togetherness. Not only do we lend a helping hand to each other, but we also take the time out to serve our community.

Wycliffe Holds Its “Fitness Annual Wellness Fair” For Its Members

Posted 3/18/2015

The fitness and wellness fair was created to bring together local doctors, specialists and other experts to answer specific questions from our members to help them their understand health concerns.

Wycliffe Golf & Country Club Proudly Celebrates 25 Years

Posted 3/13/2015

Wycliffe Golf & Country Club is ready to celebrate its 25th Birthday with a party for its members on Saturday, March 14, 2014. Not only will this birthday commemorate the last 25 years, but it will also be a time for reflecting on just what made them so incredible.

Wycliffe’s Own Kam Kuchta Selected to Play in the 2015 ITF Young Seniors World Team Championships

Posted 3/12/2015

Wycliffe Golf & Country Club’s Director of Tennis, Kam Kuchta, has the distinct honor of representing the United States in the 2015 ITF Young Seniors World Team Championships in Antalya, Turkey on March 16-21 2015.

Golf Etiquette, What Message Are You Sending?

Posted 1/9/2014

Etiquette is always a difficult topic to discuss. It’s the elephant in the room that no one wants to acknowledge because most players believe that it applies to everyone else, not them.

Up and Down

Posted 12/1/2013

What is it about golf that keeps me coming back for more, even when by my own standards I am playing poorly? I have had days where I played so poorly that I walked off the course and actually threw my clubs away!

Sometimes you wind up in a place that you did not know you were going!

Posted 11/1/2013

That would certainly be the case with regard to my working life. After graduation from college I landed my first job as a trainee with The Insurance Company of North America, one of the oldest and most respected firms in the industry.

My Most Memorable Round of Golf

Posted 10/1/2013

Growing up I participated in many different sports. I thought for sure that I would have played baseball and basketball in the years that followed high school; however, it wasn’t until I played in the high school district golf championship that my focus changed.

When 100 Yards is not 100 Yards

Posted 9/1/2013

This game of golf never ceases to amaze me, even after playing and teaching for almost 30 years. But this should not be news to anyone. There is a reason we never tire of the challenge, whatever our skill level.

The Parallels of Golf and Life

Posted 8/1/2013

28 years ago, when I was introduced to the game of golf, I could not have anticipated the profound effect it would have on my life.

Choosing the Right Path

Posted 2/21/2013

A few nights back, I was sitting around swapping stories with a small group of friends. We hadn’t been together in the same room in over 20 years since we were recent college graduates, having met while playing on what was considered the Mini Tour for the LPGA.

12 Holiday Wishes for the Everyday Golfer

Posted 12/19/2012

In the spirit of the Holiday season I compiled a list for 12 Holiday Wishes for the Everyday Golfer.

Mind Your Own Business

Posted 11/23/2012

The quest for a better golf game has no limits. Anyone with a passion for the game has sought out answers to their inconsistent play. We search for our personal epiphany, hitting balls on the range; running to the gym; collapsing on the psychiatrist’s couch; or burning the midnight oil, reading golf magazines.

Golf’s Great Dichotomy

Posted 7/9/2012

The golf industry is rarely short of controversial subject material. Lately the pace of play has been the hot button for the media following the ruling at the LPGA Sybase Match Play Championship where Morgan Pressel and her match play competitor, Azahara Munoz were put on the clock.

“If I were a Butterfly…”

Posted 5/23/2012

As embarrassing as the grade was, it was more humiliating to read the comments the English teacher wrote on the paper.

“Doing the Right Thing…”

Posted 5/2/2012

Doing the right thing is not necessarily easy, convenient, financially beneficial, or popular. Yet, as members of society we are tasked with being good citizens with certain obligations and responsibilities, inherent to our surrounding environment.

“Preparing for the Masters…”

Posted 4/5/2012

Preparing for the Masters conjures up images of players spending hours putting on treacherously fast putting greens, the masterful Phil Mickelson working with a myriad of wedges of varying degrees.

“I don’t need to play golf.”

Posted 3/26/2012

Long ago I experienced an epiphany that reshaped my perception of the game. Up until that “game changer” moment I, too, vented to anyone who cared to listen about the status of my less-than-perfect playing results.


Posted 3/1/2012

The most intriguing work carried out at the Titleist Performance Institute involves the negative effects of a physical limitation or dysfunction has on a player’s golf swing.

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